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About Us

About iMarketing

Learn about what we do at iMarketing and what makes us stand out from the crowd

iMarketing is an Anand, Gujarat based SEO and digital marketing solution provider company. iMarketing works with the core values of the marketing and it focuses internet as the best medium for communication with the audience. From alpha to omega, they tend to provide you with a complete solution that includes structuring, strategizing, implementing and bringing out desired results for the product. The hotshot team of iMarketing surely provide the customer with irreplaceable service that gives out desired results.

Rise of iMarketing

Any business can get to great success if the marketing of that business is done efficiently. Marketing plays the key role in developing any business. Development or growth of any business depends completely on the marketing. Therefore if a business wish to become a brand and create own identity then surely marketing is the only core that plays an important part in creating the brand identity of the business.  Though we have seen numerous changes in the modern time techniques and this implies the different types of marketing as well. Some people do not consider marketing much and take it as word of mouth but some brands do consider every segment of marketing is essential for their growth and development. In today’s world, internet marketing plays a vital role in making of any business or brand.

Internet marketing has been the limitless and most effective means of reaching out to the audience. And for this purpose iMarketing was originated in 2009 to provide the best marketing solutions in the market.

They are driven by their passion for the internet space and make sure to drive your business in the horizons of the internet space making it grow more effective and profit oriented.

SEO and Digital marketing industry has grown over these years after the origin of the Internet and made an invaluable existence in the world. With time, it has become more organized and generating results through the medium of marketing.

iMarketing builds the effective strategies and plans to make use of search engine and digital marketing for your business and bring it on top in the Search engine rankings and spread its name all over the space.

Why iMarketing?

When it comes to questioning why iMarketing only, we really love to say there is no better choice to make. We believe actions speak for themselves just exactly our work and happy customers do for us.  iMarketing has visioned growing in digital space to provide with best accustomed and productive strategies for the businesses to spread their name through the digital space.

iMarketing is result driven company

  • iMarketing tend to focus on real things and strategizing
  • iMarketing- The name for digital revolution
  • iMarketing focus on long-lasting work effect

Our Goal– Where We Wish To Go?

iMarketing has imagined a world that has made the optimum use of digital space for their problems. Our passion and interest in the digital space have never let us stop and has always been exploring ways to make Internet marketing most powerful medium to communicate and spread the word. In the competitive industry moving fast towards reaching their goals and being most effective we surely require something that’s not common with them. Our zeal to provide the best service to customers and our love for internet always combine together to make our work invaluable. Our approach to customer satisfaction and goal to provide the best satisfactory results to them has always kept us grounded to the fact that it takes all the efforts every time with every new customer who joins our happy family. Our team makes when they are with us they are always smiling. Our whole efforts work towards putting our heads together to figure out most innovative methods that our result oriented and planning and strategizing the best for the client business. We strive to casts our net to provide complete marketing boost to all our clientele for their business growth and development.

Skilled People

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Ricky Shah

Ricky is a brain behind iMarketing. Founder of the company and an SEO and digital marketing master.

Project Manager

Harshil Patel

Harshil is a geek by nature and manager by skills. He is responsible for all the projects and successful execution of everything we do

SEO Manager

Dhruv Shah

SEO genius and inventor. Dhruv is an SEO manager and handles all training and execution plan of the SEO projects

Team Leader

Sagar Rajput

SEO team leader and trainer. Implemented SEO tasks and make sure the work is delivered in time

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