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Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad

Digital Marketing Agency In Ahmedabad

Did you know that around 3 billion users have been actively present at social media on daily basis? The growing numbers of users have granted a good opportunity to business professionals to present their services to the users online. The advancement of technology has made the lives of professionals easier and faster. They don’t have to retort to conventional marketing styles and cater to a small base. With the digitalization being possible, the business entrepreneurs can now choose to market their businesses as per geographic, demographics, location, gender and age.

iMarketing, the cutting edge digital marketing company in Ahmedabad has earned a good reputation in the social networking industry. With new innovations and progressive techniques, our diligent marketing specialists have been able to take our client’s websites to the top level of Google ranks. Digital marketing involves SEO, SMO, Affiliate marketing, Content marketing, Google Adwords, Email marketing and numerous other online marketing tools.

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

iMarketing is a pioneer in a digital marketing space. We are well-known digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad.

  • It is the easiest way of online marketing that incorporates fewer charges in conducive to what you would have spent in traditional marketing.
  • It caters to a wider mass since a huge number is an online every day.
  • As the ads keep on popping up on the user’s page, the possibility of the ad being retained in his mind is high.
  • It fosters interaction with the target segment and develops a personal inclination.
  • It enables you to target those who look forward to the services you offer thereby, leading to high conversion rates.
  • Most importantly, Digital marketing being online can attract the mobile users as well. While traveling, cooking, watching movies, reading a book or moving around, they can come across your business services, as everyone now owns a smartphone.

Earlier there were no options but to go with the conventional marketing strategies and shell out bombs for advertising your business. The concern of catering to your target segment rightly and that too within your budget has evolved the concept of digital marketing in Ahmedabad.

Choose to market your services through aggressive online marketing channels and reach to the wider audience in no time. Connect with iMarketing now and present your business scenario for them to understand the business prospects better and take necessary actions.


Versatile Team

Our versatile digital marketing team is equipped with several automated tools to perform the task easily. We strive to provide the best result in a shortest time


Weekly Reporting

Weekly reporting and analysis provide the insight about the efficiency of the campaigns we run. It is essential to understand effects of all the campaigns we run


Dedicated AM

Dedicated AM will help you to understand each and every campaigns. All the campaigns are pre-approved by the client. We schedule everything and use multiple tools to design ad campaigns

Dedicated AM

Campaign Calendar

Ad campaigns set-up

Timely reporting

Campaign insights & analysis

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Star Service

Digital Marketing Packages

Basic Packages.

Contact sales team for project estimate and quotation.


  • Campaign set up
  • Competitor analysis
  • Dedicated AM
  • Facebook, Adwords PPC
  • Monthly reporting


  • Campaign set up
  • Competitor analysis
  • Dedicated AM
  • Facebook, Adwords PPC
  • Weekly reporting
  • Designs and creatives
  • Content
  • Campaign insights and reporting
  • Content calendar

P.S: * indicates that the price may change based on features. All the * mark items are additional features and costs extra